About us

The Evolution of Marcus Grill

The experience of a warm welcome and personal touch has always been vital within the Marcus tradition. Time travel with us and enjoy the unforgettable secret recipe of the historical Marcus Burger, as well as the authentic old world style Polish cuisine. Welcome to Marcus Grill!



We wanted to share some of the behind the scenes things that we do here at Marcus Grill. We are a family owned and operated business which means that at any given time, you will be greeted by our parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Preparing and cooking sometimes starts as early as 4am, where the homemade dumplings for our chicken soup and filling for our pierogies are made from scratch. The stuffed cabbage is hand rolled, the batch of lasagna is made fresh and the chicken spinach pie is made delicately with each layer of filo. The city chicken is skewered by hand and the potato pancakes are gently flavored with just a  hint of onion.

A great deal of our staff has been with the family since we opened Marcus Grill. We feature not only authentic Polish items, but our Mexican omelets and soups come straight from our well rounded kitchen staff that brought their own creativity to the Marcus Grill menu. Sometimes after hours, we like to call it our "Food Lab" where we experiment with dishes and try to add new surprises for our guests!

The origin of Marcus Grill dates all the way back to 1929 when Charles Marcus invented the original burger in Detroit. In the city's spirit of innovation, he built an enormous grill in the center of his diner, stamped burgers into a special shape and sautéed the all-steak patty to fit in a hot dog bun!

We are Michigan born and Michigan proud. Our servers, staff and cooks are all working in Michigan because of you, our loyal customers. Our family also supports Michigan-based companies. Starting with our "bread man" to our "produce guy," whom we have been doing business with for more than 20 years.

Loyalty, pass it on.

  • Detroit, 1929

    Founding of Company

    Charles Marcus opened the 1st Marcus Hamburgers during the Great Depression. With the idea of making burgers more affordable during a difficult time, he invented an all-steak burger, sautéed and steamed, that fit in a hot dog bun. It became standing room only during lunch time for Detroit factory workers. I guess you don't really need a table to eat a hamburger in a hot dog bun!
  • Detroit, 1968

    The Passing of the Torch

    The year that our maternal grandfather took over Marcus Hamburgers and eventually passed it down to our parents. Currently, three generations and counting, we are proudly upholding the Marcus Burger legacy.
  • Sterling Heights, 1989

    Established first Restaurant

    Marcus Family Restaurant opens. Now, our customers are passing on the generational experience to their children and grandchildren by introducing Marcus Burgers and sharing memories!
  • Shelby Township, 2009

    Carrying on the Legacy

    Although the current establishment of Marcus Grill opened in 2009, we are a total of 83 years old! Of course, we added a little Polish, sauté entrees and killer breakfast specials. We have a full service bar, Keno and a Christmas tree decorated all year round to fit the holiday.